BOX WINE CADDY, INC. provides an exceptional, innovative, custom accessory for boxed wines so that the consumer can enjoy their boxed wines without the inevitable drips and scratches caused by ordinary dispensing.

The notion for the Box Wine Caddy was conceived when it became apparent that the boxed wines were scratching the shelf from the back and forth motion necessary for dispensing and the drips and splatters on the surfaces below were, indeed, from the boxed wines. A well designed prototype was constructed and immediately utilized to assure that it addressed the messes that the much loved boxed wines caused. After tweaking the design so that it was as compact and sturdy as possible, it was put into production in 2015. It is finally available for most 3L and 5L boxed wines.

The Box Wine Caddy is intended to be used anywhere one would typically place a boxed wine for serving purposes, including on a refrigerator shelf, and consists of a few essential pieces. The base is a low profile tray with embedded rollers that permit the boxed wine to move easily within the length of the base for dispensing and storing. A unique notched feature at the front of the base is made specifically for holding a wine glass under the wine spout which allows for precise dispensing. The raised stop confines the boxed wine within the perimeter of the base when pulled forward for dispensing. An efficient, slightly raised drip tray is also located at the front of the base to allow for elevated surface edges. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the base to give traction and prevent scratches on the surface that supports the Box Wine Caddy. The current structure is made of FDA approved ABS plastic with a factory gloss finish.

Great news for our local customers! We were able to partner with some local retailers in order to eliminate your shipping costs!
Here is a list of our local partners:
WINE WORLD at 406 Constant Friendship Blvd Abingdon Md. 21009
FALLSTON LIQUORS at1702 Harford Rd. Fallston Md.21047
SMITTY'S FINE WINE at 2315 C5 Belair Rd Fallston Md. 21047
LIQUOR PUMP at 8535 Old Harford Rd Parkville Md. 21234.
Bel Air Md and Hunt Valley Md, I'm still trying so call your local store and ask them why they don't stock Caddy's for you.
Love your box wine more!

The Box Wine Caddy is designed for the intended use only. Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from heat sources.

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  • Step 1

    While box is in stored position, hold glass in notch.

  • Step 2

    Pull boxed wine forward to box stop.

  • Step3

    Dispense wine.

  • Step 4

    Push boxed wine to back of Caddy for stored position.